The Excalibur Ethos

Excalibur Cafe is a celebration of tasty, vibrant food created for you with love. Local, organic, wildcrafted where possible, bursting with flavour and energy. Food for the health conscious, for the curious, for the adventurous at heart.

It's not just our food that's good for you. We've installed a full-spectrum EMF defence system in the cafe so that you can relax in a clear environment, all our water passes through a state of the art filtration and energising system and even the cafe ceiling is coated with a special paint that neutralise pollutants in the air.

At Excalibur Cafe, we aim to give you fabulous food and create an amazing ambience that satisfies body AND soul. Join us as we forge a brand new legend, right in the heart of Glastonbury.

Our Dishes

We aim to create mouthwatering dishes that cater for all tastes and that everyone can enjoy, whatever your dietary preferences. All our food is prepared fresh in our kitchen for the best taste and highest nutritional value.  

Our Treats

From luscious raw cakes and deserts to baked cakes and snacks, we aim to offer something to tempt everyone, whatever your dietary preference. All our sweet treats are made by our trained chefs from the finest ingredients available. 

Our Ferments

Fermented food is excellent for maintaining gut health and we make a range of products right here in Glastonbury. Try our delicious jun for a healthy boost or our raw kraut, a great accompaniment to any meal. Both are also available in our shop

Our Drinks

We have a great range of organic wine, beer and cider, locally produced where possible. Our coffee is not only organic but also shade grown. Coffee not your thing? We have plenty to delight, from sodas and hot chocolate to speciality teas and tonic elixirs. 

Our Produce

It's organic, ethical and wildcrafted where possible. We choose to source our ingredients from local suppliers whenever we can which means that your lunch or dinner might have left the field only that morning!  

Our Juice Master

Meet Barnaby Hodges, our man at the helm of the Norwalk juicer. Barnaby goes above and beyond - he even grounds the juice as he's extracting it to make sure it's as fresh and potent as can be. You can definitely taste the difference!

Our Tea Master

Tea master Nick Dilks is the man behind our exclusive selection of living teas, many from ancient forests. Nick spent years in China learning the art of tea ceremony. He has an amazing knowledge of the medicinal properties of the different leaves.

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