Benefits of Optimal Hydration

We’ve all heard about the benefits of antioxidants, but how many of us are able to reap the full benefits?

Our cells need to be well hydrated to efficiently eliminate toxins and metabolic by-products and there’s one product on the market that claims to boost that process exponentially. It’s called MegaHydrate and was created by physicist and medical doctor Patrick Flanagan.

The manufacturers say it’s a “cutting edge dietary supplement boasting one of the highest antioxidant potentials on the planet”. They say it reduces the surface tension of water within the body which in turn makes the water in and between our cells hydrated. The idea is that with optimal hydration and surface tension our cells can work to the best of their ability.

As well as eliminating toxins efficiently, this supplement offers the potential for the body to take in more important nutrient leading to healthier cells and a healthier body.

Here are some of the benefits the makers claim for MegaHydrate. They say it:

* Provides much-needed negatively charged hydrogen ions

* May slow the aging process

* Increases the absorption of hydration elements

* Helps with hydration as we grow older

* Can help counteract the negative consequences of caffeine and alcohol intake

* Boosts health-creating negatively charged ions in the body

* Augments the “zeta potential” in our blood cells giving more surface area (allowing more toxins to be expelled)

* Boosts overall antioxidants in the body

* Reduces some symptoms of dehydration

* Can keep fresh food fresher for longer

* Provides oxygen You can find more detailed information here For a complete list of scientific studies supporting this research, go to: Mega Hydrate – Published Studies

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