Raising the bar on Fermentation

Excalibur Creations, based in Glastonbury are raising the bar on fermentation
with their cutting edge range of fermented foods
and drinks. Those interested in the longevity approach to food and lifestyle are
likely to get excited when looking at the ingredients list on some of these
products. This range includes a fermented beverage called Jun, with multiple
flavours, often referred to as the champagne of Kombucha. Excalibur’s range
lists various cultured vegetable products, the likes of which are usually only
available in the more experimental US market place.

Excalibur Jun Elixirs
Some of you may have heard of Jun, but it’s fair to say that most people haven’t.
Jun purportedly originates in Tibet and is traditionally brewed with green tea, raw
honey and a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Excalibur has
upgraded the recipe by incorporating various herbal components into each
flavour; these flavours include Chaga, Gingko and Amazonia. All this range
contain mostly wild-crafted and organic ingredients, and deliver exciting flavour
profiles which vary according to which herbal formulation has been used. Based
upon market research and observation more than 90% of people who try Jun
give it a big thumbs up. This is probably because of the deliciously sweet and
tangy combination that is achieved as a result of using raw, wild-crafted honey
rather than processed sugar, so often present in similar products. For most
people, fermented foods usually require some period of getting used to, however
with Jun this is not the case, invariably its appeal is pretty much instant.

Excalibur Cultured Vegetables
These recipes are truly innovative and unique in their field. The concept is that
alongside the traditional ingredients usually present with sauerkraut, we also
incorporate less traditional, but somewhat more medicinal plant based
substances into the mix. For example, with the Excalibur kim-chee, rather than
using traditional fish sauce, which may be objectionable to our target client
group, at Excalibur, we use a micro-algae called Marine phytoplankton. Aside
from containing a plethora of nutritional compounds and numerous anti-oxidants,
marine phytoplankton is one of the only vegan sources of long chain omega 3
fatty acids like EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which is converted in the body to
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
These molecules are a necessity for us to have proper brain function and cell
membrane permeability. Interestingly marine phytoplankton (according to various
scientists) also contributes 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in earth’s atmosphere!

Excalibur’s Goji Dragon Kraut also takes a very unusual slant on cultured veg, in
that it incorporates red cabbage and goji berry, as well as different kinds of sea
vegetables like dulse and sea spaghetti. The flavour that results in such alchemy
is palpable and dynamic to say the least.

The Chlorella Super Kraut not only makes use of chlorella, but also contains a
compound called chlorella growth factor (CGF) which directly feeds lactobacillus
which is essential for great gut health; this is evident when observing the extra
lively fermentation process that takes place with such ingredients.

The Ocean Harvest Kraut is absolutely mouth-watering and blends (together
with the white cabbage) botanicals such as caraway seed and more unusual
schisandra berry, one of the top herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and taoist
tonic herbalism.

All in all these tonic healing foods are not to be missed if you are at all interested
in having an exalted taste and health experience with your meals. The fantastic
thing about them is that they will significantly enhance any meal with which you
eat them, whether you are a seasoned and competent foodie or a kitchen novice.
Try them for yourself and see, the proof is in the pudding (or in this instance, the