Coffee Jun Elixir

Coffee Jun Elixir 

Ingredients: Myco toxin-free coffee (shade grown)*,  reishi*, cardamom*, clove*, ginger*, cinnamon*, vanilla bean*, raw honey*, fennel seed*, chilli pepper*, jun cultures  
*Denotes organic or wild crafted ingredients.

330ml, 750ml

Storage: It is very important that this beverage is stored in the fridge, otherwise it could become very fizzy, alcoholic and impossible to open without spillage.

A delicious blend of coffee, chai spices, jun cultures and honey. 

Feel-good fermentation innovation

This bottle contains a treasure trove of ingredients fused together by our alchemists to create a sparkling health tonic that we believe is pure gold. 

We source the highest quality ingredients then give them the best care and attention to create a kombucha that we believe surpasses all others.

It’s made by adding a host of botanical ingredients to tea before fermenting the brew with rapadura sugar and stevia. The result is a super taste sensation in the mouth followed by a probiotic health boost for your body!

Excalibur's Kombucha - another weapon in your arsenal for good health!


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