EP1 Electro Protector

EP1 Electro Protector

80mm x 51mm x 645 mm - 3 1/6" x 2" x 25 2/5" (Depth x Width x Height)

Introducing the new Geomack EP1

We are very pleased to announce the public launch of our completely new model called 'EP1' Electro Protector. It is being launched after a long period of design and development. It comes in response to customer feedback asking for more protection in the face of more powerful electromagnetic fields being experienced because of 3G, 4G and other wireless telecommunications systems.

Properties with high levels of Electro Stress could be near mobile phone masts (cell towers), especially 3G and 4G, or near high tension mains electricity pylons, or near mains electric grid transformers. Places with a large amount of WiFi or WiMax could also benefit greatly. Nowadays, almost any urban area. Plus nonurban spots with elevated levels of Electromagnetic Stress from Electromagnetic Pollution.

The new EP1 could also be of great benefit to Electro Sensitive people, who have become much more sensitive to Electromagnetic fields over time, than the average person. We observe this to be a growing trend in the world population, especially in urban areas and in people working in the Information Technology industry.

Typical Electro Stress symptoms reported by our customers:

  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Aches and pains in muscles and joints.
  • Problems with concentration and loss of memory.
  • A warm and burning sensation in the face, somewhat like feeling sun burnt.
  • A feeling of impending influenza (flu) that somehow never quite breaks out.
  • Severe discomfort in rare cases.

It should be made clear that no Geomack, or any other product, can clear electromagnetic fields (EMFs) completely. The only proven method to stop all EMFs is covering your whole building and windows in lead metal sheeting, which is not practical. What can be done, however, is to reduce the effect of EMFs on people by installing the powerful EP1 unit.

Apart from Electromagnetic Stress in your building, it is possible that there could also be energy disturbances from the underground (called Geopathic Stress). These disturbances can better be rectified by other members of the Geomack product range, like the E704, E4004 or E9004. These products have a high efficiency for clearing Geopathic Stress and are less aimed at combating Electromagnetic Stress. The presence of such disturbances are more widespread than most people realise.

By installing all Geomack units, the benefits are typically as follows (reported from existing Geomack users):

  • You are relaxed and recharged after a night's sleep.
  • You can more easily concentrate and have greater focus.
  • Your immune system is considerably boosted.
  • You are more able to recuperate from longterm illness.
  • Your mental clarity is increased.
  • You will observe a pain relieving effect.
  • Your ability to absorb nutrients is improved.
  • Your detoxification ability is improved.
  • Your family's harmony is increased and hyperactivity alleviated.
  • You feel like a new person.

To briefly explain the phenomena of Geomack unit operation: By installing a Geomack system, we convert negative draining energies to positive charging energies.

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