Goji Dragon Kraut Juice

Goji Dragon Kraut Juice 

A delicious juice of cultured cabbage, dulse, sea spaghetti and spices.

Ingredients: Red cabbage,* sea spaghetti,* ginger,* dulse,* goji berry,* curry spices,* coconut kefir, celtic sea salt.  


Storage: It is important that this beverage be stored in the fridge. Best served chilled. Shake before use as natural separation and sediment may occur.

Feel-good fermentation innovation

You have before you a symphony of superfoods designed to both boost your health and tantalise your taste buds. Tradition meets cutting-edge nutrition right here, creating a delicious blend of plant-based, wholesome goodness. Our alchemists have married the finest raw ingredients with friendly bacteria to create gold in this highly bio-available addition to your diet. 

We source the best quality wild-crafted medicinal herbs, pesticide-free vegetables and superfoods, prepare them by hand and then fuse them together in ceramic crock pots for several weeks using a traditional lacto-fermentation technique. The end result is a fermented juice that's high in nutrients and "good" bacteria. 

Scientific research shows that fermentation increases the bio-availability of nutrition in food by up to 200 times. Researchers also believe we all need friendly bacteria for optimal immune function, digestion and gut health. Traditionally, ferments are also believed to have anti-ageing properties.

Unleash Excalibur to help you win the battle for good health and a long life!


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