Osmanthus Valley - Organic Oolong

Osmanthus Valley - Organic Oolong

A smooth, refreshing and balancing oolong tea with the natural scent of flowering osmanthus. Brilliant yellow sunshine in a cup with hints of apricot, mango and stone fruits.

FlavourFloral osmanthus blossoms with hints of stone fruits, apricot and mango.

Balancing. Harmonising. Centering.

Sunshine in a cup is the perfect description for a living tea that simply makes you smile. Its nature seems to adapt to whatever your mind and body crave. If you need a lift it can pick you up, if youre a little wired it may settle and centre. An ideal support for quieter moments of reflection, creativity or meditation.

OriginOsmanthus Valley is a pure, organic oolong tea with lightly oxidized green leaves. A single-estate living tea from Vietnam.
Quantity50g (33p per serving)

Osmanthus Valley is perfect hot or cold brewed. When brewing hot we recommend that you 'wash' this tea by giving it a short 5 second infusion and  discarding the liquor. This helps the tightly rolled leaves to unfurl and release their flavour. Following this wash you can brew the tea as directed below.

For cold brewing with cold or room temperature water reduce the amount of tea leaves to 1 teaspoon (2g) per 300 ml.

The traditional way to make living tea is to use a small pot with a generous amount of leaves. The leaves are then used for multiple, short infusions. Living tea made this way brings out all of its taste, vibrancy and complexity.

Quicker (100ml)1 tbsp90-95⁰C45-60 secs4-5
Kyusu (250ml)1 tbsp90-95⁰C60-90 secs4-5
Travel Flask (300ml)1 tbsp90-95⁰C60-90 secs4-5
Cold Brew1 tspCold Water2-24 hours2-3

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