Phoenix Lake - Organic Wild-Harvested Red Tea

Phoenix Lake - Organic Wild-Harvested Red Tea

A dark, rich and malty red tea with caramel and wild flower notes. Each smooth sip spreads warmth to body and mind - like the Phoenix from which it takes its name.

FlavourRich malt and caramel with notes of wild-flowers.

Mellow. Warming. Soothing.

This is the tea that puts fire in your belly. A first cup brings warmth like glowing embers deep inside. A second cup sees warmth building and rising inside the body. A third cup finds you getting up to turn the central heating off as the red glow of Phoenix Lake reaches your fingers and toes. Like taking a bath from the inside out.

OriginPhoenix Lake is an organic, living red tea harvested from wild Vietnamese tea trees
Quantity50g (24p per serving)

In China, red teas like Phoenix Lake are what in the West we call black teas. As such, they can be brewed and treated much as the black teas you are familiar with. Although not drunk with milk in Asia, Phoenix Lake can take milk if you prefer it this way.

The traditional way to make living tea is to use a small pot with a generous amount of leaves. The leaves are then used for multiple, short infusions. Living tea made this way brings out all of its taste, vibrancy and complexity.

Quicker (100ml)1 tbsp95-9945-60 secs5-6
Kyusu (250ml)1 tbsp95-9960-90 secs5-6
Travel Flask (300ml)1 tbsp95-9960-90 secs5-6


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