Jade Stream - Organic Wild-Harvested Green Tea

Like a high mountain stream this wild-harvested green tea is cool, refreshing and invigorating. Smooth and fresh with herbal notes - it is the perfect everyday green tea.

FlavourSweet, smooth and vegetal with light herbal notes.

Cooling. Refreshing. Awakening.

Like all good green teas, Jade Stream is sweet with a balancing hint of bitterness. A fresh, spring green tea - it tends to cool and refresh the body, quench the thirst and simultaneously awaken the mind. Perfect to counteract the dry heat of summer but can be enjoyed all year round especially if you tend to easily overheat.

OriginJade Stream is an organic, wild-harvested living tea from the mountains of Northern Vietnam.
Quantity50g (30p per serving)

Jade Stream should ideally be made with cooler water at about 80. It can also be cold brewed. For cold brewing with cold or room temperature water reduce the amount of tea leaves to 1 teaspoon (2g) per 300 ml.

The traditional way to make living tea is to use a small pot with a generous amount of leaves. The leaves are then used for multiple, short infusions. Living tea made this way brings out all of its taste, vibrancy and complexity.

Quicker (100ml)1 tbsp75-85⁰C45-60 secs4-5
Kyusu (250ml)1 tbsp75-85⁰C60-90 secs4-5
Travel Flask (300ml)1 tbsp75-85⁰C60-120 secs4-5
Cold Brew (300ml)1 tspCold Water2-24 hours2-3

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