The MSM Miracle

If you’ve been browsing through our online shop, you might have come across our MSM lotion and wondered what exactly MSM is

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane which is an organic sulphur compound that some people say is a miracle supplement. Biologically active sulphur is a nutrient that’s critical for our bodies if we’re to stay youthful and energetic.

However, although sulphur is found in many natural and unprocessed foods it’s quickly lost during cooking. So taking an MSM supplement or using an MSM-rich lotion can be of huge benefit.

It’s a vital ingredient when it comes to collagen production so it can work wonders for skin health and elasticity. You can even kiss goodbye to brittle hair and nails as MSM strengthens those, too. It’s a real beauty boost!

Research has shown that MSM is highly effective at improving flexibility in our joints as well as skin and muscle tissue. It’s very effective in dealing with joint pain and helps with conditions like osteoarthritis and accelerates healing by increasing the body’s ability to eliminate waste products at a cellular level.   

Its ability to help detoxify comes from an important feature of MSM which is to make the cells more permeable. It can even dissolve calcium phosphate so can help get rid of the calcium that’s at the root of many degenerative diseases. Also, because the cells are more permeable, the body has much more energy that can be directed to healing and general activity.

This increased permeability has another benefit. It means MSM is a powerful anti-inflammatory because metabolic waste can be removed from cells so efficiently. And because chronic cellular inflammation causes excess weight, a by-product is natural and effective weight reduction.

You can take MSM orally in capsules or use one of our beautiful scented lotions available here. 

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