Thousand Petal Rose - Organic Green Tea with Organic Rose Petals

Thousand Petal Rose - Organic Green Tea with Organic Rose Petals

A perfect marriage of wild-harvested rose petals and pure organic green tea. Whole leaves blossom into a sweet, soft and heart-warming tea with a pale green liquor.

Flavour Sweet, soft and clean tasting with a heady rose fragrance.

Gently Warming. Soothing. Relaxing.

A harmonious balance of sweet, warming and heart-opening rose with the cleansing, cooling and lively nature of green tea. Refined and subtle, its nature is to soothe, relax and quiet the mind.

OriginThis living tea combines organic green tea from the mountains of Central China and organic pink damask rose petals from Sichuan.
Quantity50g (32p per serving)

Thousand Petal Rose should ideally be made with cooler water - at about 70-80⁰. It can also be cold brewed. For cold brewing with cold or room temperature water reduce the amount of tea leaves to 1 teaspoon (2g) per 300 ml.

The traditional way to make living tea is to use a small pot with a generous amount of leaves. The leaves are then used for multiple, short infusions. Living tea made this way brings out all of its taste, vibrancy and complexity.

Quicker (100ml)1 tbsp70-80⁰C45-60 secs4-5
Kyusu (250ml)1 tbsp70-80⁰C60-90 secs4-5
Travel Flask (300ml)1 tbsp70-80⁰C60-90 secs4-5
Cold Brew (300ml)1 tspCold Water2-12 hours2-3


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