What Are Fermented Foods?

A lot of the food we eat is actually fermented food. This includes coffee, chocolate, yoghurt, cheese, wine, beer and even certain kinds of bread.

 Other less mainstream fermented products include miso, tempeh and natto - all Japanese fermented soy products.

 Some of these may not yield the same health benefits as those we're promoting at Excalibur. This is simply because they are likely to have been through a manufacturing process that does not consider the delicacy and fragility of the by products of food fermentation.

 We stand by this concept: The cleaner and less processed food is, the more nourishing and beneficial to us it's likely to be. A lot of the food we eat has been processed. It will have been through a factory production line. This is good business, but not so good for you and your family's health.

 Our production line is different. We take high-quality ingredients and ferment them using various methods available to us. We may be processing the food, but we're doing so in such a way that nutrient bio-availablity and flavour are increased. We're even mitigating some of the potentially detrimental aspects of that food at times by allowing various micro organisms involved in the fermentation process to pre-digest these anti-nutrients for us.

 For eons people in diverse cultures around the world have used fermentation to help them preserve food and nurture their families. Here in the West we lost this knowledge but fortunately the tide has turned and these processes are being rediscovered en masse.

 We're now proud to bring you a range of great-tasting fermented foods. Here are some recipe ideas to help you enjoy them at their best. Bon appetit!

  Winter Squash Salsa Plate


1 large winter squash

 200g of Excalibur Cultured Mexican Salsa

3 fl oz of high quality cold pressed olive oil

2 tablespoons of chopped parsley to garnish

Celtic sea salt


Chop the squash into bite-sized pieces and steam for 15-20 minutes. Once done, put onto two or three plates.

Put a portion of salsa on top of each serving of squash.

 Drizzle each with olive oil, add salt and garnish with the parsley.

 Serves 2-3 people.

 Jun Cocktail


 1 bottle of Excalibur Wild Floral Jun (chilled)

 A bottle of high-quality red wine


 Add equal measures of wine and jun per glass.

 Srves 6-8 people

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